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Skip Making Dinner This January with Some Yummy Ways to Fundraise!

Dine out fundraisers aren't just a great fundraising opportunity, but a great way to connect with other gym families too! The best part is, these nights aren't just for our gym fam either, spread the word to family and friends, and let's make some memories together over some delicious eats!
Check out all of November's Dine Out fundraiser nights below!


Monday, January 15th

Jersey Mikes Subs
2751 N. Mayfair Rd,
Wauwatosa WI

Good beyond the sub! Visit store or 
order online or on the app using 
promo code WILDCARD25!

 after checkout, 25% of your total will be donated to Wildcard!

January 15th 10am-9pm
2751 N Mayfair Rd.

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