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Recreational Program

Classes are 6 week sessions and can be prorated if starting late.

This 60 minute class is for girls with little to no gymnastics experience. Perfect for anyone just starting out or wanting to try gymnastics. Gymnastics will learn from, technique and fundamental skills on all four events.

Girls' Beginner

(Recommended for Ages 6 - 14)

Join this 60 minute class for an action packed introduction to the exciting world of men's gymnastics. Build, strength, flexibility and coordination.

Boys I

(Recommended for Ages 6+)

Our 90 minute advanced beginner gymnastics class is perfect for those who have already mastered the basics and are ready to take their skills to the next level. In this class, you'll learn more advanced techniques and work on perfecting your form and execution. Our experienced coaches will guide you through challenging drills and exercises to help you build strength, flexibility, and confidence. Join us and take your gymnastics skills to new heights!

Girls' Advanced Beginner

(Recommended for Ages 6+)

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level in this 90 minute class? Young daredevils will push their limits and learn advanced men's gymnastics skills and techniques.

Boys II

(Recommended for Ages 6+)

The girls intermediate class is tailored to gymnasts who already have a solid foundation and are eager to take on more advanced challenges. In this 2 hour class, participants will work on refining technique, adding strength, and learning higher level skills in preparation for pre-team (Fast Track).

Girls' Intermediate

(Girls' Advanced - 2x/week)

(Recommended for Ages 6+)

Boys III is the gateway to the thrilling world of competitive men's gymnastics. This class meets for 2 hours weekly and our dedicated coaches will help you to prepare to showcase your talent when you transition to pre-team.

Boys III

(Recommended for Ages 6+)
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