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Recreational Program

Classes are 6 week sessions and can be prorated if starting late.

This 60 minute class is for girls with little to no gymnastics or athletics abilities. Perfect for anyone just starting out or wanting to try gymnastics.

Girls Beginner

Similar to our Girls Beginner, this 60 minute class is an introduction to the men's gymnastics program and a chance to build familiarity with men's apparatuses.

Boys I

This 90 minute class helps to sharpen technique and execution of the skills introduced in our Beginner class. Skills are also built upon to create more dynamic skills amd strength training to improve gymnastics performance is introduced. 

Girls Adv. Beginner

A 90 minute class that further builds on boys skills on all men's program apparatuses and introduces strength training to improve gymnastics performance.

Boys II

A 2 hour class that prepares gymnasts for the skills required for our pre-team program and the performance of more advanced skills.

Girls Adv. Intermediate

This 2 hour class focuses on team program skills and more advanced men's gymnastics training.

Boys III

(Recommended for Ages 6 - 13)
(Recommended for Ages 6 - 13)
(Recommended for Ages 6 - 13)
(Recommended for Ages 4 - 7)
(Recommended for Ages 4 - 8)
(Recommended for Ages 6 - 11)
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