Specialty Classes

Classes are 6 week sessions and can be prorated if starting late.
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Preschool - ages 3-6 yrs

Wildcard is offering a preschool aged Fireflies class for a whole calendar year!  It is a year-long commitment that offers gymnastics, activities, and other educational experiences along the way.  Have your 3-6 year old join us Mondays-Fridays from 9 a.m. until Noon. Cost is $500/ month or just $125/ week.  


Fireflies will be instructed during a class appropriate for each child's' needs.  There will be time for socialization and interaction with one another and supervised free play in our 10,000 square foot facility.  Instruction will focus on flexibility, locomotor skills, turn taking, strength building and learning gymnastics in a safe and comfortable environment.  Fireflies will have the opportunity to use both the preschool and regulation size equipment while in class.  We aim to promote fun and learning in our gymnastics setting.  


This is a fantastic class for anyone wanting to get ahead in gymnastics and a jump start on socialization and other skills before kindergarten!  Fireflies is also perfect for that Kindergartner that attends afternoon school or for those almost school-age kids needing physical activities within their curriculum.  Wildcard is looking for at least 5 students who would love to try out this awesome opportunity!


Child must be potty-trained/out of diapers.

Please bring your own snack and beverage.  For more info contact us through phone and/or email.

Warrior Kids

Learn to run, spin, jump, and flip off walls and mats in a padded environment in a Parkour-like class. We offer this class for an hour long in 3 different levels.

Warrior Kids I  ($175)

Warrior Kids is a free-running and flipping. Participants learn to move from place to place.  Learn to flip like  a ninja!  Learn in a safe, matted environment.  This class is for beginners.  

Warrior Kids II ($175)

This class is for more advanced warriors.


Warrior Kids III ($220) 
This class is for kids that have advanced through both Warrior Kids 1 & 2
 ~coach must refer child to join

Teen/Adult Class  ($175)

This class is Tuesday Nights for anyone ages 14 and up. Come join us if you have had gymnastics/ tumbling/ free running experience and are looking to keep in shape, up on your skills or work on something specific such as flexibility or jumps.  There is an instructor there to help guide you in the right direction and spotting if safe and necessary.

Intro to Cheer I  ($175)

This is a brand new class to Wildcard offered Wednesday nights only for those 6+ looking for an introduction to cheers jumps, kicks and flips!  There is an instructor there to help guide you in the right direction and spotting if safe and necessary.

Private Lessons  ($40-$75)

Wildcard also offers private lessons for those whom feel they would like special attention during their practice time.  This is available for team kids looking to fine tone their routines before a meet or need extra attention on a specific skill they may be struggling with during a typical practice, rec kids wanting that little bit of extra one-on-one time to work on skills that may get them a step closer to their pre-team or team.  We also offer private lessons to cheerleaders, dancers and anyone else looking for a one-on-one instruction time to work on jumps tumbling or whatever else you may be looking to fine tone with one of our qualified coaching staff.  Prices vary depending on which coach will be conducting the private.  

*Call for specific prices and to schedule today! 

Special Needs Classes (call for pricing)

Features a small group setting to learn gymnastics and work on other motor skills in 30 to 45 minute class taught by our most experienced instructors.

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