Wildcard Gymnastics, LLC

3545 N 127th St

Brookfield, WI 53005




Specialty Classes

We are awesome at other stuff too. Come see. For a full online schedule click here and create an account.
Warrior Kids

Learn to run, spin, jump, and flip off walls and mats in a padded environment in a Parkour-like class. We offer this class for an hour long in 3 different levels.

Teen/Adult Classes

You can start gymnastics at any age! This hour long class lets you select what you would like to focus on based on your goals, preferences, and abilities with gymnastics. We also have an Adult Open Gym with slightly less structure than a class so you can get extra practice time and still be guided by a coach when you need it. (Recommended for Ages 14+)

Special Needs Classes

Features a small group setting to learn gymnastics and work on other motor skills in 30 to 45 minute class taught by our most experienced instructors.

Business Hours


Tuesday         9am - Noon

Wednesday   9am - Noon

Friday       9:30am  - Noon

Saturday   9:00am - Noon

Business Hours


Monday              4 - 9pm

Tuesday             4 - 9pm

Wednesday        4 - 8pm

Thursday            4 - 9pm

Friday                 4 - 10pm