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Meet Etiquette

A gymnast's first meet can be a very exciting experience, but we also know that it can be overwhelming too. Below you will find some tips to make meet day a breeze!

  • Have hair pulled up neatly, off the face and if their hair is quite long, up in a bun. Hair not pulled up is a safety issue and it could result in the gymnast being hurt. Use gel and hairspray to help hold hair in place during the meet. DO NOT use bobby pins to secure the hair, as those may also pose a safety hazard to the gymnast.  

  • The girls should also have a PURPLE/BLACK/TEAL (colors to match their leotard) ribbon or bow in their hair.  

  • If your gymnast chooses to wear nail polish, it should be in good condition (no chips) and match the colors of the leotard. Gymnasts should not wear acrylic, poly gel, press-on, or other nail extensions as those are also a safety risk to the gymnast as well as the coaches who are spotting them. Bare nails are perfectly okay.

  • Gymnasts should not wear underpants under their leotard.  Think of it as a swimsuit.  

  • No hoops, dangle earrings or other jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, or other body jewelry.  Only studs are allowed in the ears.

  • Minimal makeup is allowed.

  • Please do not put lotion or perfume on your gymnast prior to competition.  It can make the gymnast slippery which can be a safety issue for the coaches spotting.

  • Bring only what you need for the meet. There is often limited space in the competition area, and excessive belongings can create hazards for gymnasts. 

  • Your gymnast should wear their competition leotard. If your gymnast does not have one, or if they have outgrown the one they have, please visit our pro shop.

  • Have your gymnast eat before the meet.  Do not send snacks to be eaten during the meet.  No food is allowed on the floor.  A water bottle with water is allowed.  No juice or Gatorade.  

  • When at the meet, DO NOT APPROACH JUDGES OR COME ONTO THE FLOOR at any time during the meet.  Coming onto the floor or approaching judges could result in the loss of the sanction of that and future meets or the disqualification of the gymnast.  

For more detailed rules and regulations, please see the USAG Rules and Policies located here.

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