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Pre-Team Programs

Fast Track and Dragonflies are on a monthly payment plan while Gold Bugs is still run through the recreational program. Fast Track and Gold Bugs are the women's pre-team program(s) while Dragonflies is the boys pre-team program.

This is an invitation only class for little gymnasts that show advanced learning of gymnastics skills.  Gold Bugs is a "baby Pre-team" group that fine tunes flexibility, strength, and skills.  Gold Bugs is a two hour class offered twice a week that keeps gymnasts moving and perfecting their skills.  

*Enrollment by invite only

Gold Bugs I/II
Standard pre-competitive program for all team levels, these athletes will be intermixed with our competitive team for a portion of their practice to get to know future teammates and see what discipline and focus is requires to be on team. Requires staff evaluation and recommendation.
*Enrollment by invite only.
Fast Track
 Boys pre-competitive program.
*Enrollment by invite only.

Wildcard Gymnastics Pre-Team consists of FastTrack and Gold Bugs I & II for the girls team and Boys are Dragonflies, these athletes do not compete yet.  Instead, they will work on developing strong fundamental skills of gymnastics.  These fundamental skills consist of gymnastics terminology, body movement, body positions, strength, and flexibility.  In the late stages of Pre-Team the gymnasts will be combining their knowledge of the fundamentals into routines on each event and a show routine which is typically performed with the higher level team kids.

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