Covid Waivers

Wildcard Gymnastics Pandemic Waiver - Covid 19 Re-Opening 


I am aware that my actions as a parent or legal guardian will impact the safety of others in the Wildcard Gymnastics facility.  Wildcard Gymnastics is counting on me and all the other parents and kids to help keep us all safe by meeting the physical-distancing and personal hygiene standards recommended by the CDC and the State of Wisconsin.  While parents are always able to watch, Wildcard will need to limit in- person viewing because our observation area will accommodate 50% fewer spectators if we are to conform to the 6’ distancing standards. As a consequence of the restrictions placed on Wildcard Gymnastics by the Wisconsin Department of Health and our commitment to safety, our parents must understand and agree to follow to the following policies: 

1. Students must use the restroom and wash their hands thoroughly before coming to the gym.  Students should always wash both hands and feet after returning home.  Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the gym and waiting areas.  Please enter at the front/main lobby doors. 


2. Only one parent may enter the gym per child. Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up in front of the gym.  Our coaches will look after the kids outside in good weather.  In bad weather you will have to come meet us at the door.  Kids will exit the side parking lot door. 

3. Spectators entering Wildcard Gymnastics may wear a face mask but it is not required at this time.  The children are not to wear face masks during practice as it is unsafe for activity. 

4. Please do not send your sick child or enter the gym if you or anyone in the household are not feeling well.  We will offer unlimited make-ups during this time.

5. If all viewing space is taken, no further seating will be possible and waiting parents will need to wait outside.  Children will be seen to their vehicles at the end of practice by a coach. 

I will do my part to help make the Wildcard Gymnastics safe by being respectful of the gym’s physical-distancing policies, insisting that my child wash their hands before entering the gym and when arriving at home, and by supporting the amazing teachers, coaches, and customer service staff as they work hard to provide a safe place to develop Happy, Healthy and Confident Kids.


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Wildcard Gymnastics Pandemic Recreational Tuition Policy For Future Closures

The CO-VID 19 of Wildcard Gymnastics and similar businesses in Wisconsin has been a massive shock that dimmed the future of those businesses.  As of now, Wildcard is still here! However, we will not be able to absorb another hit such as the one we are currently experiencing.  In the future, Wildcard Gymnastics will be unable to keep the doors open with zero revenue coming in, therefore the following Pandemic Recreational Tuition Policy will be in effect as we move forward starting June 13th, 2020.

Should Wildcard Gymnastics be forced to close either by a government entity or a reasonable decision by the owner, made to protect the safety of the wellbeing of all athletes, their families and staff the following policy will be in effect:

  1. No refunds on tuitions will be provided for the remainder of the session during which time Wildcard is forced to close.  Customers will receive full credit in the form of classes, open gym passes, birthday parties or other programs and activities Wildcard Gymnastics has to offer when it is safe and the gym reopens to full capacity.   

  2. Should Wildcard Gymnastics remain continuously closed during future sessions and you/ your athlete have already registered for a future session, Wildcard Gymnastics will make its best effort to refund your tuition or offer you a credit.  If Wildcard is unable to open their doors permanently, you will be notified and no tuition will be refunded. 

  3. Should the shutdown end, practice will commence with a prorated tuition amount.    

  4. Should the shutdown extend into additional months no tuition will be collected but we will begin to charge a prorated tuition on the day classes commence.  

  5. There are no make ups, private practices or credits offered for missed or cancelled practices during shutdown.   


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