Competitive Team

Wildcard offers a highly competitive team program for girls and boys. As a member club of both USA Gymnastics and Amateur Athletic Union, our teams compete around the state and the country. We take commitment to our team seriously, so any interest requires evaluation by a team-trained staff member and invite from a program director.  For more information, email 

Team Tryouts available by appointment.  

Pre-Team Programs
Gold Bugs - A pre-competitive program for our younger athletes. Enrollment by invite only.
Girls Fast Track - Standard pre-competitive program for all team levels. Requires staff evaluation and recommendation, followed by formal invite only.
Boys Dragonflies - Boys pre-competitive program. Enrollment by invite only.
Girls Team Levels 2 through Level 9 
Boys Team Levels 4 -6 
Team gymnasts must have 30 days advanced notice when leaving the team.  Families will be charged the next month's tuition if 30 days notice is not given. This is NON-REFUNDABLE.  In addition, Meet fees are always non-refundable!  Families are responsible for the entire payment of meet fees.  Additional charges will be applied if a family does not complete payment of all meet fees. 

Normal Business Hours

Monday      9:30am - Noon

Tuesday     9am - Noon

Thursday    9am - Noon

Friday         9:30am  - Noon

Saturday     9:00am - Noon

Business Hours


Monday            4 - 8pm

Tuesday           4 - 8pm

Wednesday      4 - 8pm

Thursday          4 - 8pm

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