Recruitable Athletes- Class of 2024

Aaliyah Krause 

Level 9

Middle School: Wauwatosa Catholic - 2020

High school:  Rufus King - 2024


Competition Accomplishments:  

  • 2018 Level 8 Regional Qualifier: took home 5th on Vault, 17th on Bars, tied for 19th on Beam, 21st on Floor and 17th All Around (34.375)

  • 2019 Level 8 Regional Qualifier: took home 6th on Vault, 9th on Bars, 15th on Beam, 13th on Floor and 13th All Around (34.450) 


Floor:  Double back, Front 1 & 1/2

Bars:  Double back, Full pirouette, Bail, Pak Salto

Beam:  BHS Back layout, front tuck, switch leap back tuck connection

Vault:  Layout Tsuk, Piked Yurchenko, Front handspring front tuck 

Aaliyah has been training at Wildcard since she was 4 years old, and since has become one of Wildcards Team leaders throughout her career at Wildcard Gymnastics.  Aaliyah is always a positive influence in the gym, when a teammate is having a rough practice she will be one of the first to make sure they are okay and continue to encourage and give advice when she can.  Aaliyah enjoys helping the younger levels with their skills and assists with the Wildcard Gymnastics Recreational Department when her schedule permits.  


Aaliyah also has a deep passion for music, she is learning to play unique instruments such as the ukulele and piano in her free time.  


In her future, Aaliyah hopes to attend a University that will extend her promising gymnastics career into her adult life.  Aaliyah hopes to have a career as an orthodontist.  She will be pursuing courses with an emphasis on pre-dental, chemistry, biology, physics and other science programs throughout her high school and college career to prepare herself for this career choice.  

Sarah Simons 

Level 8

Middle School: Whitman Middle School -2020 

High School: Wauwatosa West High School - 2024

Competition Accomplishments:

  • 2019 State Meet: took home 14th on Vault, 17th on Bars, 19th on Beam, 20th on Floor and 21 All Around (32.800)


Bars: Clear hip to hand, giant giant layout flyaway connection, 1/2 pirouette low and high

Beam: BHS BHS series, Round-off Full twisting layout dismount, Switch leap sissone series

Floor: Double Saltos- Front tuck step out round off back tuck/ full twisting layout, Front hand spring, front lay front lay, Back full/ back 1.5, Arabian punch front 

Vault: Half on half off

Sarah is a hard working gymnast and student, she participates in the band, track and has been and active member of Web leaders which is a program through school that aids students in adjusting to the middle school experience.  In addition, Sarah has been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and was an honor roll member through middle school. Sarah has also bee honored with the principles award, this award is only given to select students for their excellence and leadership qualities they have exhibited over their middle school careers.  Sarah not only displays leadership and excellence in school but also brings it into her gymnastics career.  Sarah is one of the first to comfort a struggling teammate and helps with our recreational department when her schedule permits.  


During her free time she enjoys being on the water and boating with her family members and friends.   

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