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Gym School info:

We at Wildcard Gymnastics aim to give you a situation where your child can learn in a much safer, family-friendly environment and more controllable environment than in a traditional school or at home.   Both Amy and Ben have an education back ground (Amy has a Masters in Reading) and we are offering to help you if your child’s school is going virtual in the Fall.  We totally understand the frustration and difficulties parents are facing when having to work from home AND teach their children.  Your child will receive individualized attention and instruction, if he/she needs help on lessons or virtual activities.  We will make sure they are not missing Zoom meetings or assignments.  In addition, once school activities are completed, Wildcard will provide gymnastics and other physical activities within the facility.  There will be a scheduled literacy time as well as other extra curricular activities; such as cooking, science labs, language learning (Amy is fluent in French) and more!  


Cost is $45 per day or $200/ week.   We are only accepting about 25 students for Gymschool (which the 23,000 sq foot facility can easily accommodate and keep your child safe). The CDC recommendation is no more than five people per 1,000 square feet, so we can easily manage up to 25 people in the building with plenty of space to social distance. Please email us if you are interested in Fall Gymschool:  or let us know if you have any questions. 


Students must have their own computer and bring their own lunch/snacks.  This is a great alternative for working parents.  Your child will be monitored, instructed and give opportunities for physical activity and extracurriculars.  The building will continuously be cleaned (like we do for classes/team) and students will practice social distancing protocols.

Thanks for your patronage.  Wildcard Gymnastics is a family-friendly environment. 


Refund policy:  No refunds after the first class, however class credit will be provided – valid up to a year.  Covid safety procedures are in effect.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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