Covid Policies and Refunds

As of AUGUST 1st - Masks Required!! 

We are recommending the Gaiter style Scarf-like masks that will be easy up and down. Gymnasts safety must not be impeded - thus when performing more difficult skills, gymnasts do not need to wear during their turn, however must immediately put on after their turn.  
We will continue to sanitize, social distance and practice good hygiene in the gym!  Please don't send your child if he/she has flu-like symptoms or is feeling ill. 
Coaches will be wearing masks as well!  






Covid Procedures in the Gym 


Gymnasts will line up at the main door (maintaining 6’ distances).  Gymnasts will have their temperature taken with a no-contact thermometer.  Any students with temps over 99 degrees will not be allowed to enter the gym.  Please keep gymnasts home if they have a temperature or are feeling ill in any way.  Parents that enter the gym must wear a mask in common areas at all times.  Gymnasts will sanitize their hands upon entering the facility.  If you feel your child is ill, please call to schedule a make up class.

Class size:  We are trying to limit our classes to no more than 6 students in a class.  Parent-tot classes (Bitty Bugs/Baby Bugs) will be capped at 4 students to allow parents to attend class with their child.  Only one parent per child.  


Recreational gymnasts will be broken into groups with no more than 10 kids in a particular area at a time while doing our best to keep each kid 6 feet apart at all times.   Gymnasts will warm up in different areas, and designated waiting areas will be established.  Upon entry each group and individual will be assigned an area for warm-ups.  



There will be no more than 10 students at an event and each will be spread out to have her own balance beam, bar station, etc.  Gymnasts will help wipe down/sanitize equipment after their event has concluded.  We will attempt to rotate so that at least two events are open at a time (to dry and alternate use).  There will be sanitizing equipment at each major event area in the gym, gymnasts will be required to help sanitize their station/piece of equipment.  In addition, gymnasts will be asked to wash their hands/use hand sanitizer upon rotating to another event/using other equipment.  



Students MUST have their own water bottles.  Water will be available for purchase if gymnasts forget and will be charged to the family account. 

Water fountains are available but only to refill water bottles or to fill up an individual cup. 

Washing Hands:  

Students will be encouraged to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.  Sanitizer stations will be set up around the gym and at each event.  Coaches will do their best to enforce each student to wash their hands after each event. 



Staff will be greeting gymnasts at the door and doing temperature checks.  Masks will be worn only by parent request or when in close proximity of a child or while spotting a necessary skill.  Spotting will be done only when necessary for the safety of the gymnast.    


Facility Ratio:  

A 20,000 sq foot facility allows for 80 athletes at a time! (we are 25,000 sq ft!). We are keeping this well under the amount for the entire summer! (See schedule with approximate number of kids).  The 40 X 40 foot floor allows for approximately 40 gymnasts at a time.   



Gymnasts will exit out the side parking lot entrance.  A coach will walk gymnasts to the door and watch the students walk to their vehicle safely or to a parent who is picking them up. 



Gymnasts should be dressed in their leotards, ready for practice. We encourage gymnasts to leave all other clothing with parents in the car as not to clutter or bring in outside germs.  Shoes can be left near cubbies.  All team gymnasts should have their grips, personal tape and a labeled box (closable tupperware container) with their names on it for chalk.  We will provide the first week’s worth of chalk.  After that, additional chalk will be available for purchase for $5 a block. Each block should last the gymnast approximately 2 weeks. 


Gymnasts should not share chalk at this time.  Recreational classes will be provided liquid chalk.  



Dock doors/windows open will be open during all practice times (except in inclement weather) to help ensure active air flow throughout the gym. 



Parents are asked to drop their gymnasts at the door and wait until the gymnast’s temperature has been tested and he/she is allowed to enter the building.  However, due to recent Safe Sport guidelines, we cannot restrict parents from watching practices.  We ask that all parents wear masks in common areas and sanitize when entering the facility.  Seating will be reduced to approximately 50% capacity allowing for chairs to be 6 feet apart.  Please, no food in that area and if you bring a drink, please dispose of it when you are done. 


Between Class Procedures:  

Coaches will be helping to sanitize equipment, common areas, and themselves between each group of kids entering the gym.


Nightly Procedures:  

Coaches and gymnasts will help sanitize the equipment and common areas that are used each day.  The gym will be sprayed nightly with disinfectant and cleaned diligently by staff and management.  

REFUNDS: No refunds will be issued after the first class.  Wildcard will issue a credit to the family's gymnastics account that may be used for future sessions.  Credits will be good for up to one year. 

Should your gymnast not be able to complete his or her session, please contact the office immediately so we can apply the credit.  Without notice, credits will not be issued!  Should Wildcard need to suspend classes due to Covid or other situations, refunds will not be given. Wildcard, however, will issue class credit toward future sessions. 

Team gymnasts must have 30 days advanced notice when leaving the team.  Families will be charged the next month's tuition if 30 days notice is not given. This is NON-REFUNDABLE.  In addition, Meet fees are always non-refundable!  Families are responsible for the entire payment of meet fees.  Additional charges will be applied if a family does not complete payment of all meet fees. 

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